Equipment and Cleanliness

– Active sterilization : We use an autoclave device to thoroughly ensure that our equipment is sterilized. This is the same sterilization process currently used and preferred by doctors and dentists. In fact, we do not reuse any equipments that being used. We provided our clients with utensils in a sterilized plastic bag

– Sanitizing tablets : Zara Nails uses the finest and latest spa chairs for pedicures. We also use sanitizing tables to protect clients from infection while providing a stimulating pedicure soak in refreshing scents of your choice. Sani-soak contains conditions to treat skin and nails by replenishing moisture, softening cuticles and whitening nails. Matter of fact, we use pedicure tubs that are cleaned for each of our valued clients.

– Artificial Nails : Experts at Zara Nails will assist you in selecting the latest contemporary nail arts for your celebrations and gathering

– Shellac : Welcome you to the finest shellac you could imagine, add them to your list when you visit us.

– Nature Nails Care : Using high-quality toenail producing a relax feelings and make your hands and feet more flexible